Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Centralia, Pennsylvania

Wanna visit the real Silent Hill? The Pennsylvania town of Centralia is the inspiration for the town used in the video game Silent Hill. While visiting it's not difficult to see why.
This place is a modern-day ghost town and with only 7 people still living there and that number dwindling, it won't be long before it's abandoned.
The U.S. Government claimed eminent domain on the land as there is a fire burning under the town. You can see smoke and gases protruding out of openings in the ground. Even the main route through the town was rerouted because the macadam and asphalt split open, leaving large open seams with smoke billowing out between cracks in the graffiti-covered road.
You definitely feel eerie walking this scary stretch of road. You keep feeling like a car is going to come up behind you anytime. Also maybe it's the angle of the road or the smoke inhalation, but we all felt a little vertigo while walking this barren road through hell.
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Friday, September 25, 2009

Miner Monuments

Located at a Minersville, Pennsylvania Turkey Hill stands a statue honoring those who have labored and risked their lives in the Anthracite Coal Mines of the area.

Located at the Rt. 901 and 209 intersection, stands a monument remembering the local miners of nearby Buck Run. It sits in the front yard of its owner, who built the whole thing at his own expense. Showing a miner exiting a a coal mine with his mule and wagon the same way it was done a century ago.
There's an extraordinary amount of detail done here: the miner's hat is even lit. There is also a large chunk of coal next to the shaft.
With the extensive work and authenticity done on these pieces of art, all Outta the Way can do is just tip our miner's hat giving approval.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Centralia/Coal Country, Pennsylvania

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