Friday, November 27, 2009

Rehmeyer's Hollow in Pennsylvania

Shortly after midnight on a chilly November night in 1928, one of York County's most infamous murders was about to occur. A local farming neighbor with his two teenage accomplices were about to burn a man alive. All for a book, a book of spells. Mr Rehmeyer was going to become a man that legends are built around.

Rehmeyer was a Pow Wow doctor or a witch. His neighbor Mr. Blymire was having trouble on his farm and blamed Nelson Rehmeyer for these troubles. What ensued that chilly, rainy night on November 28, 1928 was sure to change history and become one of the most prominent murders in American history.

{For directions to Rehmeyer's Hollow and more information, along with 3 other stories, check out the Outta the Way Zine, Volume 7: Southern York County. }

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Abandoned Foust Distillery York County, Pennsylvania

A few miles outside the small town of Glen Rock are the remnants of the town that could have been. The town of Foustown came to be because of the booming Faust distillery, which at one time produced 3,000 barrels of whiskey per year. The town acted as housing for the employees, a railroad station, a town square with an elaborate water fountain, as well as telephone service - extremely rare in the late 1800's.
Prohibition of the 1930's put a damper on the distillery and the small town and they have both since gave way to the ruralness the distillery and town tried to escape.

{For even more information and directions to Foustown, check out the Outta the Way Zine, Volume 7: Southern York County, Pennsylvania}

Friday, November 6, 2009

Brandywine Battlefield

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Not only is the Chadd's Ford area home to Devil's Road, one of the most sinister roads in Pennsylvania, but it is also the heart of the Brandywine Battlefield.

General Washington and Lafayette both had headquarters located in the area. The battle took place over a 10-square-mile area. The British had maneuvered into the Chadd's Ford area by way of Kennett Square in order to attack the City of Philadelphia.

The final conflict in the battle occurred near the Birmingham Friends Meeting House. As with all historic battlefields, and this one is no different, the whole area is said to be very active with spirits.