Sunday, December 4, 2011

MyMemories Giveaway Winner!

Last month we had the opportunity to give away free digital scrapbooking software from MyMemories. The software allows you to create scrapbooking type pages using hundreds of designs and the ability to use any image. It's perfect for hobbyists looking to add an endless supply of scrapbooking options, as well as professionals hoping to spice up web designs. The software is fun and easy to use, and has also just been recently upgraded. MyMemories makes a great holiday gift for many, including yourself. To order visit here. When ordering enter code STMMMS45991 for $10 off and an additional $10 in off in the MyMemories store.

Congratulations to our winner Anna. I have no doubts she's going to make the most of the software. Her love of traveling, her family, and her children will no doubt keep her busy, but hopefully this software will help her commemorate her memories easier. Anna shares her experiences with her family and her full time position being a mom, as well as the joys and turmoils of being pregnant on her blog Wanderlust.