Friday, December 20, 2013

Koziar's Christmas Village

Secluded away in the rural farmlands of Berks county Pennsylvania, lies one of the World's greatest Christmas attraction. Shockingly you may not even know it's there unless you're looking for it.

The Koziar's Christmas Village is open seasonally and consists of over half a million colored lights. The attraction began when the farming family who resided in the property began to decorate the home and barn. As years passed the decorations and lights began to spread further around the property. Word of mouth in the community spread quickly, and passerby's would congest the local back roads of the property. Eventually the family opened up the grounds of their property and allowed visitors to enjoy their light spectacle.

Today many of the dioramas and displays are within former chicken coops and other farm houses. The attractions are decorated to correspond with popular fairy tales, animated favorites, and various holiday themes. Some are quite stunning and awe inspiring, others kitschy cool, and some just WTF were they thinking. One of our personal favorites was the Christmas under the sea.

The village is consistently one of the top holiday destinations in the state and has also won National as well as International acclaim. Do your family and yourself a favor and pay a visit to Koziar's Christmas village. It's certainly an experience you'll remember forever.