Monday, October 26, 2009

Devil's Road in Pennsylvania

Devil Road
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Near the Delaware state border lies a road full of disturbing tales. Local Folklore states that at one time the devil was summoned on to this road and then let out such a piercing scream that all the trees grow in odd formations now.

The road is also thought to have a home known to hold occult practices or even possibly the inbred children of a wealth prominent family in the area. Of course, this is all speculation.

This are is quite beautiful. It has been used in the movie "The Village." There are a lot of tales involving KKK meetings, Satanists and even black truck chasing people off the road.

The latest edition of Outta the Way has more information and directions to this difficult-to-find road.

Friday, October 2, 2009


South of Centralia, lies a real abandoned town: no residents, no homes, not much sign of a town at all anymore. Brynesville was founded in 1856 and was named after the local Byrnes family. The town was used to house employees of the local coal mine that was nearby.

In 1865 homes started to be built in the area of upper Byrnesville. There wasn't much to the town other than an elementary school, which dissipated in the early 1930's. The nearby towns and Ashland and Centralia were much larger and used for shopping and church purposes.
During the 1980's, fire and gases from the Centralia mine fire spread to the town and the federal government relocated the townspeople. At the time there were 75 people and 29 houses. The last resident was moved out in 1996.
There are a few remains of the town. Most noticeably is a large wash house used by miners to clean up after work. The wash house is now overgrown with weeds and graffiti and the roof is collapsing, offering a grave reminder of a town that was started and destroyed by the coal industry.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Dessert Anyone?

At Granny's Motel and diner stands a 15 foot odd statue. A giant pioneer woman holding a pie with a large, slightly deformed looking adult child clutching her leg. The child with sideburns is clutching onto a doll baby with its head missing. It's certainly one of the strangest statues Outta the Way has encountered.
The ceramic piece previously stood at the Pot O' Gold diner in nearby Hamburg. When the diner closed, it was relocated to its current location. Hopefully they'll stay here for many years to come, continuing to frighten drivers along the highway.