Friday, January 6, 2012

Legend of Hell's Funnel

On the outskirts of Strasburg, Pennsylvania, there is a ghostly spirit known to haunt the rural surroundings. Off of a seemingly pleasant rural route, lies a dark history. Legends abound telling the tale of a man and his mill.

Early in the 20th century while working feverishly one day in his mill, the man sustained an accident. The sharp spinning blades from the mill dismembered the gentleman's hand. Since the area was quite remote, phones and neighbors were scarce. The man rushed to his home which sat on the property, his wife could do nothing but watch her husband suffer and bleed to death. Being so distraught over the loss of her husband, she took her own life.

The area surrounding their former home is thought to be haunted by the spirits of both. There is a small lake near the home where most of the apparitions have appeared. I've heard stories that people have seen a woman in a white dress walking around the lake, as well as hovering above. There are also tales of those who have been scratched on the arm while approaching the lake.

On a nighttime visit to Hell's Funnel, Outta the Way didn't notice any apparitions, though we did spot a few orbs in photographs and felt an unsettling feeling. "No Trespassing" signs are posted liberally around the area, and Outta the Way asks that you respect these wishes. Besides, maybe it's just my horror movie fascination, but don't all these hand-less spirits usually fashion a hook in the afterlife?


Anonymous said...

My friend lives here now and I've slept over several times. There's nothing scary about it. I've even swam in the pond.

Anonymous said...

one night is not enough to seek the spirits. they come and go on their own will. not when someone expects them to show up.

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Anonymous said...

I was here once. Walked through out the house. It was dusty an old. Nothing too unusual. However, I did see a pair of what looked like redish eyes outside the window at the bottom of the basement stairs. Took alot of pictures that night but didnt capture anything, except one picture to this day, i still wonder about.

Anonymous said...

What road is this mill and lake on?