Sunday, December 4, 2011

MyMemories Giveaway Winner!

Last month we had the opportunity to give away free digital scrapbooking software from MyMemories. The software allows you to create scrapbooking type pages using hundreds of designs and the ability to use any image. It's perfect for hobbyists looking to add an endless supply of scrapbooking options, as well as professionals hoping to spice up web designs. The software is fun and easy to use, and has also just been recently upgraded. MyMemories makes a great holiday gift for many, including yourself. To order visit here. When ordering enter code STMMMS45991 for $10 off and an additional $10 in off in the MyMemories store.

Congratulations to our winner Anna. I have no doubts she's going to make the most of the software. Her love of traveling, her family, and her children will no doubt keep her busy, but hopefully this software will help her commemorate her memories easier. Anna shares her experiences with her family and her full time position being a mom, as well as the joys and turmoils of being pregnant on her blog Wanderlust.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Counrty Junction World's Largest General Store

Country Junction near the town of Lehighton boasts itself as the World's largest general store. As I got lost strolling through the aisle ways I found their assessment to be true, and never had so much fun being lost. I could have easily spent an hour wandering through their candy lane. Ogling over all the old time favorites, as well as homemade fudge.

Almost every available square inch of floor space is utilized in this massive market. Contained therein is a plethora of assorted merchandise, ranging from hardware, flooring, furniture, and anything in between. The store also specializes in unusual gifts and unique treasures. I found myself in amazement staring at life sized "Scarface" and "Blues Brothers" characters spouting famous lines from their respective films.

Besides all the great merchandise the store also boasts a large petting zoo. The zoo contains llamas, alpacas, bunnies, sheep, and much more. Including a spacious fish pond. If that's not enough the general store also boasts one of the largest wine selections in the region. Definitely something here to appeal to every member of the family, no matter what age!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Paulinskill Viaduct Hainesburg, New Jersey

Traveling around the byways of New Jersey I began to doubt the directions I found, after all how hard could it be to spot what was once considered a wonder of the world. As I traversed the narrow roadway it began to emerge right before me. Focusing my eyes in between the massive trees the mammoth structure began to develop more. I drove my car to the side of the road and exited the vehicle. There I stood before one of the largest structures of it's kind in the world.

Towering 115 feet above the Paulinskill river, the Hainesburg trestle was originally built by the Delaware,Lackawanna, and Western railroad. The viaduct consists of 7 magnificently designed, intricate arches. Each arch is accessible for inspecting the integrity of the viaduct. Completed in 1910, the Paulinskill viaduct, as it's often referred to was once the largest trestle in the world. That recognition was short lived. The following year after the viaduct opened, a larger more massive one was built in neighboring Pennsylvania. But I wasn't here just to take in architectural beauty and American history.

The rail company used the viaduct until they were eventually outsourced in 1979. In 1985 the tracks were tore up and the viaduct became a popular destination. I approached the massive structure and checked for the normal "No Trespassing" signs, to my surprise, I spotted none. I began my slow ascension to the top of the steep hill, approximately half way up the hill I spotted a climbing rope. I gave the rope a hefty tug to make sure it would support me. I supported myself to the top of the hill and onto the colossal structure. I strode across the behemoth railroading bridge, taking in all the surrounding natural beauty of the area, proceeding with more caution every step I took. Many areas of the extension have no supporting rails and there's nothing between you and a hundred feet dive into the shallow waters below. Adding more danger, the structural stability has also become decayed in numerous areas.

There are also numerous narrow manholes atop the overpass. These manholes lead you into the arches of the Paulinskill viaduct. It's the enthrallment of exploring these internal chambers that brings so many urban explorers to this particular place. Getting inside these arches can be quite difficult and very dangerous. Inside the arches are small ladders which guide you from arch to the next, climbing higher in elevation the further along you traverse. There is nothing inside these arches to prevent you from falling into serious injury, or possibly death. Since the demise of the railroad the locals have been braving trips into these abandoned and dangerous chambers.

The once magnificent arches are now mainly covered in graffiti. Most of it your normal obscene art that most teens so proudly display, but also disturbing satanic images are prevalently displayed. Many who live nearby, believe that inside these chambers, rituals are held to summon evil spirits. Throughout the years several murder victims have been found within the vicinity of the viaduct, and several suicides have also taken place at the abandoned structure. It's also believed that during construction a worker died and was buried within the trestle. Maybe that's why I felt someone was spying on me during my entire visit!

Monday, November 7, 2011

My Memories: Digital Scrapbooking Give-Away

November is the month for art every day. Folks around the World are encouraged to be creative and artful. In celebration I decided to share "My Memories", not so much my personal experiences but a new software I recently uncovered.
My significant other first introduced me to this digital scrapbooking software. On first mention of it I'll admit I wasn't all that enthused. I thought the idea was ingenious and creative, but it didn't peak my interest too much. The more days that passed the more she began to rave. Finally I took a look and played around with the software myself. Pretty soon we both found ourselves immersed in the software, and began designing new blog headers.

Since then I have begun to realize the potential and the ease at which you can make numerous designs. I have also been creating digital scrapbook pages that I can use to forever remember our unique travels. Putting these pages together has helped me to recall all the fun and interesting moments we've shared, while allowing me to create a digital photo scrapbook that will last forever.

November is the month to be creative and "My Memories Suite" is a fun, unique, and easy way to get your creative juices flowing!

My Memories has given me a copy of their digital scrapbooking software to giveaway!

To enter to win My Memories, pick out your favorite paper pack or layout. Then leave a comment below with the name of your favorite. Make sure I have a way to get in touch with you if you win!

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Giveaway winner will be announced on Wednesday November 16, 2011 2pm EST.

Legend of Toad Road and the 7 gates of Hell

Located in Hellam Township, in the middle of York county, lies a mysterious road. Trout Run road is often referred to by it's more sinister name, Toad road.

According to local legend, there was once an insane asylum located deep in the woods off this road. During the 1800's, there was a large fire in the institution. Due to the Toad road asylum's location in the woods, the firefighters were unable to get back to the hospital to assist in extinguishing the blaze. What ensued was total chaos, something right out of a horror film. Hundreds of criminally insane individuals ran rampant through the dark, dense, woods. The State police were eventually called in to handle the situation. According to local legends the police combed the woods and beat into submission all the patients they were able to track down. It's been thought that for many years there were still survivors in the woods just waiting for a trespasser to find his old burned out home.
Traveling down the road it seems like your average rural thruway. Lively trees dot the pavement, country homes pass by, and farmlands sprinkle the pathways. But just as your immersing up the country beauty, something strange occurs on this seemingly pleasant way. The road becomes unpaved, and quite rocky, a feeling occurs like you should no longer be here. As you pass around a sharp bend, you notice a red gate and an abundance of "No Trespassing" signs. Welcome to the first gate of hell!

The City of York supposedly put these up to discourage folks from trespassing back the paths. Local legend states that there are six more of these gates located in the woods, if you find the seventh gate you'll be on the site of the burned out institution-or you'll be in Hell itself!

The City of York of course denies all these stories, and unfortunately there's not much hard evidence to support the folklore. Many people claim the city did all they could to cover up these heinous activities. Could you blame them?

For the full effect of this trip we would recommend a nighttime visit, when our imaginations seem to run a little bit higher. If you put the windows down, maybe you can still hear the screams and cries of a lost psychopath roaming the woods, still waiting for that unsuspecting visitor!

WARNING!! Entering the woods on Trout Run road without permission will attract an unwanted visitor and they will have no problems issuing a citation for trespassing!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Happy Halloween:13 Horror Movies You Should See!

Hope you've been enjoying the monster and ghost tales we've been sharing all month. Besides having a passion for visiting odd and haunted locations, I also have a love for cinema, particularly the horror genre. In celebration of Halloween I decided to share some of my favorites, and of course in Outta the Way fashion I chose 13, okay, it's really 14 films that I feel are obscure, hidden or lost horror gems.

One of the first feature length horror films is also one of the best. "Nosferatu" is a 1922 adaptation of Bram Stroker's "Dracula." Instead of the suave Count Dracula that is normally depicted, this film shows a repulsive man portraying the vampire Count Orlok. German actor Max Schreck gave such an eerie and ominous performance that most on the set were even afraid to approach him. In fact some even believed the methodical actor was in actuality a real life vampire.

Director Tod Browning is most famous for directing the horror classic "Dracula," but his 1932 film "Freaks" is far more scary and much more realistic. His use of real sideshow "freaks" in the film was deemed highly controversial, and pretty much ruined the director's career in Hollywood. The film depicts the daily lives and tribulations of sideshow workers from behind the scenes. Many accused Browning of exploiting the sideshow people, they obviously missed the message of the movie!

1955's "Night of the Hunter" portrays a menacing Robert Mitchum, as a villainous Preacher in search of his former cellmate's hidden loot. Only problem is the man's children are the only ones who know where the stolen money is hidden. The movie is a pleasant mix of suspense, fantasy, and Gothic settings, but it's Robert Mitchum's performance as the nightmarish man of the cloth, that will be haunting your psyche for days.

In 1960 the sleazy horror-drama "Peeping Tom" was released to harsh criticism and unprepared crowds. Many were disturbed by the films brutal storyline. The plot revolves around a psychologically disturbed individual who finds art in photographing women, while he simultaneously is murdering them. Most were so put off by the subject matter, that they didn't notice many of the groundbreaking directing styles. Michael Powell's film is a disturbing tale which will leave a lasting impact, it certainly did on numerous top name directors who site the film as highly influential to their careers.

In 1963 most motion picture audiences weren't prepared for the smorgasboard of blood and guts that Herschell Gordon Lewis was about to unveil on them. "Blood Feast" centers around a group of individuals who wish to partake in an ancient Egyptian, religious tradition. Problem is this bizarre ritual involves the eating of human organs and flesh. This film spares no punches, hearts and intestines are shown being torn from bodies, than consumed by unsuspecting participants. This B-movie helped to earn Herschell Gordon Lewis the illustrious title "Godfather of Gore!"

The deranged, psychotic family in "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" has nothing on the strange Merrye family, featured in 1964's "Spider Baby." The three remaining relatives from this branch of the family, suffer from a rare and peculiar disease known as Merrye Syndrome. They have a strange fascination with spiders, and a thirst for blood. They've been entrusted into the care of the family chauffeur, a man who tries to steer the young siblings away from evil, but it may already be too late!

David Lynch's 1977 full length premiere "Eraserhead", is an incredibly strange, bizarre, and surreal journey sure to leave you scratching your head. The film delves into the lives of a particularly odd couple and their abnormal newborn child. The world they inhabit is a noisy, industrial, lifeless wasteland. The film has a unique was of delving into the back of our subconsciousness. Haunting you for days, having yourself trying to answer questions that were never asked.

Not too long after horrors appeared at Crystal Lake, many carbon copies tried to repeat that film's success. Though only one other truly stands out from the others in my opinion. 1983's "Sleepaway Camp" is a pretty standard slasher film. Teens gather at a Summer camp, party, have sex, and get iced. What sets this one apart is it's truly unique ending, in fact another film won an Oscar for best screenplay using a very similar ending. Before that kid was seeing dead people, this was the horror ending that had everyone shocked!

When "Re-Animator" hit the big screens in 1985 it gained an immediate cult following. The film centers around Dr. Herbert West and his quest to re-animate dead human tissue. Once the dead come returning, the gags come flying, the blood comes splashing, and the severed heads start...well you'll just have to watch to see that unforgettable scene. The film's mix of pitch black humor, and grisly horror, remain the reason it's remained a cult classic for over 25 years.

"Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer" opened in limited release in 1986 and had viewers terrified and horrified at what they were witnessing. The film gives an almost documentary look into time spent with a serial killer. It's frank brutality is sure to offend and be too overwhelming for some viewers. Those who do make it through this provocative film, find the experience to be unsettling, disturbing, and most importantly, thought provoking.

Before Peter Jackson was winning Academy Awards he was serving up a bloody great time in the 1992 zombie comedy "Dead-Alive." Poor Lionel has to deal with his constant overbearing mother all the time, until she becomes infected with a strange virus. Now he might have to kill her! This film is a great blend of slapstick humor, and slayed heads. Be warned this film is often considered to be the goriest movie of all-time, and it definitely lives up to the hype! If the sight of blood repulses you, don't bother! If you always thought it would be great to see Laurel and Hardy meet "Night of the Living Dead," this is right up your alley!

Takashi Miike's 1999 film "Audition" sets up perfectly as a romantic art film. A widowed single father is having difficulties meeting women. During a phony casting call he sets up, he sees the woman of his dreams, before he even meets her, he's infatuated. As their romance begins to blossom, we begin to realize she has a disturbing secret. The tension in the film builds to an insurmountable high, as her dark secrets begin to unveil themselves. Eventually the skeletons don't come out of the closet, they tear the whole damn door down. All her past secrets are revealed, and the nightmare begins!

Many may not consider 2003's "Oldboy" to be a true horror film. The film follows around a man who has just been released from being captive for 15 years, now he has 3 days to find out why, and exact his revenge. As the mystery unravels before us, we begin to realize the torrential physical and psychological tortures that are being placed upon our protagonist. When the truth comes to light and we realize the shocking conclusion, the horrors placed upon our hero are atrocities we wouldn't wish on our worst enemy!

2007's "Teeth" was a nice breath of fresh air in a genre that was literally killing itself! No pun intended! The movie deals with a young Christian girl striving to keep her purity, problem is every man in her life seems to only be interested in one thing. Once Dawn gets violated, she realizes she has a gift or a curse, one that could cause pleasure or pain. Dawn finds a unique way of exacting revenge on these perverted deviants. This film gave women a sense of empowerment not often seen in horror films. While Dawn is exacting her revenge on the degenerate men in the film, women are applauding, while men cross their legs in trepidation!

Happy Halloween Everyone!!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

"Dawn of the Dead" Mall

"Slow down, will you wait for me?" I hear echoing through the parking lot.
I turn around to notice my companion lagging far behind, as I briskly rushed to the mall's entry way. I'm not a big fan of shopping, there were no great going out of business sales, yet I made a special detour on our trip to visit this commercial haven.
As I approached the staff elevator I could barely contain myself. I felt like a giddy young boy getting a peep at my first nudie magazine. Or a horror geek posing by a photo of the Godfather of the zombie film, George Romero, which I was! On the wall are various other photos taken during the filming of the horror classic, paying homage to both the mall and the movie.
The Monroeville Mall, on the outskirts of Pittsburgh, played a central character in the movie "Dawn of the Dead." George Romero used the mall as a safe haven for our protagonists, while feeding on our needs for consumerism and gore, I'm still not sure which is the more disturbing habit. Unfortunately most of the mall has been made over tremendously since the filming took place here in 1977, but the die hard fans are sure to still recognize some similarities. The mall still gladly embraces it's unusual fame and recognition, just pay a visit to the Monroeville Zombies attraction in the mall and see for yourself!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Spirits at New Bethel Cemetery: A Personal Experience

As we drove along Hawk Mountain road the full moon illuminated the sky, as a thin vapor of fog began to come across the mountain. When we made the turn onto New Bethel Church road all of our pulses sped up for a fleeting moment. We all began to feel our trip was about to get more exciting.

I pulled the car into the New Bethel Church parking lot. Cemeteries rest on either side of the parking lot, that's why we were here. Pennsylvania's first known serial killer, Mathias Schambacher is buried in this rural church graveyard. Many late night visitors have witnessed strange flying lights flickering throughout the area, and felt a strange abnormal presence nearby.
Mathias was known to have killed at least a dozen people during the mid 1800's. Many believe these lost spirits may still be roaming the area, as well as the spirit of Mathias himself.

I hopped out of the car to take a look around for Mathias' gravestone, while my passengers sat admittedly frightened in the vehicle. I stepped into the older of the two cemeteries with only the moonlight guiding me along the path. As I strolled around amongst the dead, I felt a presence around, but nothing overwhelming. While meandering about I spotted colored lights reflecting off a tombstone in the far. The lights seemed to change from red, to blue, to yellow. As I attempted to whisk off and investigate I was directed to return back to the automobile. Gradually approaching the car my passengers were reporting hearing strange noises and wanted to leave immediately. Before we could leave I needed my cohorts to verify the flashing lights I had observed, both passengers exited out of the vehicle to substantiate my findings. We all stepped back into the vehicle to maneuver ourselves on our way.

As we approached the exit I decided I wanted to take a few photos of the historic church. As I attempted to snap some photographs my camera seemed to keep malfunctioning. Every picture taken was showing up as total blackness, the church is completely unrecognizable in every photo. Once back in the car my traveling companions were in even more of a panic, the strange noises they heard earlier were back, and louder this time. I was ordered to exit out of there immediately. I proceeded to put the vehicle into drive and steer us back into some civilization. We merged back onto the road when a loud gasp was exhausted by both riders. I slowed us down to a halt, "what?" I exclaim! A light just flashed across the road they remark. I question their sincerity, both of their imaginations have been on overdrive all night. I immediately dismiss their sighting and continue down the road. Then it happened! A flashing light flew right across the road, into the trees and vanished. I glanced around hoping to see some sort of explanation as to what had just occurred. All of our pulses were now pounding, heartbeats sped up, and adrenaline began to pump through our veins.

We advanced slowly down the backwoods road, fear and tension building to an overwhelming high in the car. Was the evil spirit of Mathias Schambacher right here in our grasps. Every stone flying off the road caused a little more unease in my guests, I began to speed up the pace after seeing the paleness in their faces. An overcoming sense of fear had crept into all of us at this point. As my brain raced trying to calculate an explanation, there it was. It appeared before all of us. We sat in a bewildered state of disbelief, none of us spoke, for none of us were prepared for what we were witnessing. Finally the answer to our strange mystery was right there before us, something we are surely not to forget anytime soon...

two men in a pick-up truck spotting deer!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

White Lady of Buckhorn Mountain

High upon the Buckhorn mountain in Altoona, Pennsylvania, used to sit a luxurious hidden resort. Young honeymooners would often traverse the dangerous curvy roads just to spend quality time in this romantic getaway. Many believe numerous visitors never actually made it to their destination. A particularly treacherous stretch of road known affectionately as the "Devil's elbow" often led to the untimely death of unfortunate couples. Over many decades the resort eventually fell on hard times and was closed for good. Today the mountaintop is a advantageous location for several radio and television transmission devices.

Late one evening, a technician who had just finished some repairs on the equipment, was preparing for his journey back down the mountain. While navigating his way through the treacherous curves, he spotted a female in a white shimmering dress, attempting to hitch a ride. The overzealous driver was struck by her beauty and came to an immediate halt. Pulling over, he offered her a ride, in which she gladly accepted. The man began to go forth on his adventure home, feeling smitten with such a beautiful woman by his side. When he again attempted to soak in her stunning beauty, he realized she was gone, just as quickly as she appeared.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Murder in Rehmeyer's Hollow

Deep in the heart of Southern York County, lies a strange area commonly known as Spring Valley County Park. What’s so scary about a County Park? Nothing really, except the fact that this land encompasses an area famously known as Rehymeyer’s Hollow or Hex Hollow. There’s been numerous books written about this area, including a 1988 film called “Apprentice to Murder” starring the great Donald Pleasance. I recommend this film, though it’s difficult to find.
Upon entering the park you’ll see a lot of small tributaries of the Codorus creek, which at night have been known to take on a blood red glow. To all you anglers out there, this place is actually one of the top fishing spots in the area! It’s very easy to get lost in this park if you are unfamiliar; there are many intertwining dirt and stone roads, which at times are so narrow their difficult to navigate. Throughout the roads you’ll find some old foundations from homes long gone.
As for the park itself, there is a lot of hiking and horseback riding, but that’s about it. There is still a home that stands in this area though and it’s got quite a history behind it! It is the former home of Nelson Rehmeyer.

Nelson was what is commonly known as a Powwow Doctor. Today he may be referred to as a sorcerer or a witch. There were many of these types in this area in the early 1900’s. My father himself has told me stories about his visit to powwow doctors as a child and the things that would be done to cure him. For example, he was told to put a shirt in the door to rid a wart that was pestering him for quite a time.

One of the Nelson’s neighbors at the time was having a run of bad luck; his name was John Blymire. Ancestrally I’m actually related to this guy. John had gone to see a witch by the name of Nellie Noll, a/k/a River Witch. Nellie had told him that his problem was Nelson. Nelson was causing all the difficulties John was having. In order to fix his situation, John would have to steal Nelson’s spell book and a lock of his hair and bury them 6 feet under the ground.

On a rainy dark night in November, Blymire - along with two teen accomplices whom Blymire had convinced that Rehmeyer was the source of their hard times as well – went to Rehmeyer’s house. They stayed up late telling stores and in the morning after staying the night, Blymire tried to convince his young friends to go to Rehmeyer’s basement to retrieve his book of spells. The boys were too terrified to proceed. The next night the three returned, but this time Blymire was more determined then ever. It took all three men to tackle the imposing Rehmeyer who stood over 6-feet-tall. Upon refusing to give up his spell book, they hitched a rope around his neck and proceeded to beat Rehmeyer to his death.
The three were still too hesitant to invade Rehmeyer’s basement. Instead they covered his body in lamp oil and set him ablaze. Stepping out into the rainy November chill, they left poor Nelson to lie ablaze with his body charred. Nelson was murdered and word traveled fast about the witch being killed by his neighbor. The story grabbed National headlines and was the taboo tabloid story of its time.

The Rehmeyer house withstood the fire, though a hole in the floor around Nelson’s body leaves a constant reminder of the horrors that occurred here. Today the great-grandson of Nelson owns the home and is actually trying to make the house a historic exhibit. Although with the place becoming a tourist attraction, it may lose some of its eeriness. It would make for an interesting Bed and Breakfast.
The whole area of Rehmeyer’s Hollow has a sense of unease as though there are still spirits there roaming the area. From what I’ve gathered about Nelson Rehmeyer, his spirit would be more likely to guide you away from the evil then guide you into it.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Chickies Rock & the Supernatural

Approximately one month ago hundreds of spectators flocked to the Chickies Rock county park near Columbia, Pennsylvania. The park offers a panoramic view of the Susquehanna river flowing mightily below. During the flood of 2011 this was a safe place to view the wrath of Mother nature, though most weren't aware they were deep in the presence of a supernatural wrath.
Since the first settlers discovered this majestic place, several abnormal occurrences have been witnessed. The Susquehannock Indians who occupied the land were said to have seen numerous spirits inhabiting the area with them. They passed along tales of love-struck and love-stricken couples ending their own lives by jumping to the jagged rocks 200 feet below. But its not just the natives who have witnessed spirits. Numerous ghostly figures have been spotted at the park for centuries. It's not shocking considering this area is known prominently for numerous accidental deaths as well as countless suicides.
But ghostly figures aren't the only strange thing happening here, the area is a prime hunting location for cryptozoologists. Ever since the natives first settled in the area, a small strange hairy creature has been spotted throughout the dense woods. The albatwich or apple snitch is a 3-4 feet apelike creature thought to roam this particular area near the river. The Native Americans from the past were so fearful of the small creatures, they carved their image into their battle shields in order to instill fear in their enemies.
They are named apple snitches due to their uncanny love of apples. It's said the creatures would often steal the apples of unsuspecting picnickers, then discard the cores by throwing them at the startled couples.

It's believed that this strange species is now extinct or close to extinction. In the 1950's as well as in the 1970's, numerous park visitors spotted an odd manlike creature roaming about the woods. As recently as a few years ago another of these creatures was spotted on the other side of the river. Locals throughout the area often hear what resembles the sound of a cracking whip. The same scare tactic the albatwich was thought to have used to scare away predators.

In case your planning any visits to this county park, be wary of any spirits materializing, and you may wanna bring along a few apples. Just in case!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

General Lafayette Inn's Spirits

In 1778 the history of the Bunker Hill Hotel would forever be altered. During this time the historic inn would operate as headquarters for General Lafayette and his troops.
Built in 1732, the Inn is one of the oldest operating inns in the United States. It was once a very popular stop for travelers going to and from Philadelphia. It was originally known as the Three Tuns and went through many hardships. But the Barren Hill Battle of 1778 would forever place the inn on the map of American History. General Washington sent General Lafayette and 2200 troops to the hilltop. From there they were to keep watch for the British troops. One early spring morning the British came, outnumbering General Lafayette and his troops as well as approximately 50 Native Americans battling on the United States side. The American troops boldly fought back and were able to force the larger more experienced British Army into retreat.
The Bunker Hill Inn was severely damaged during the battle and needed to be substantially restructured. The Inn has since suffered from many hardships. It has changed hands numerous times, as well as had several periods of abandonment.
In 1946 the Inn was changed to the General Lafayette Inn to forever commemorate the brave soldiers and their fearless leader who fought for our freedom.

Many believe General Lafayette still enjoys paying visits to his former headquarters. Former owners and workers have seen doorknobs rattle with no one on the other end. They have also heard phantom footsteps sneaking throughout the building. There have even been sightings of an older woman seen roaming the hallways at night. I guess when you’re the fifth oldest tavern in America and have hosted historical battles, you deserve a few friendly spirits!