Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Chocolate Clock at Premise Maid Shoppes

Everyone loves chocolate! Being in the state of Pennsylvania puts us in close proximity to a number of fine confection manufacturers. People worldwide know of Hershey's chocolate, but some of the best chocolates in the state are found in small manufacturing facilities that dot the state. The Premise Maid candy shoppes are a great place to find delicious sweets while in a unique location. The company was established in 1979 with the promise that all chocolates would be made and bought on the same premise, hence the name. The family tradition has since continued, passing on the original values, as well as the family recipes.

Today the shoppes are located along route 222 in Breinigsville, Pennsylvania. The shoppes are contained in an old historic property that dates back to the civil war era. The shoppes strived to keep the original look, adding even more charm to the family business. Besides all the numerous candies, sweets, and treats the shop has to offer, they also boast a unique roadside attraction. Inside the store is a full size grandfather clock made entirely of chocolate. Is there a better way to enjoy a lazy day than eating sweets, while watching time never slip by on a chocolate grandfather clock?

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Zippo & Case Museum

The Zippo and Case museum located in the industrial part of Bradford, Pennsylvania is a must see, not only for fans of the lighters, but for American history buffs and fanatics of pop culture.
The 15,000 square foot museum houses a number of rare Zippos and Case knives. You also learn numerous facts about the role the lighter has played in movies, television, wars, and pop culture in general. You'll see several of the different designs that have been used over the years, as well as some of the numerous graphics that have adorned these collectible lighters. The attraction is quite easy to locate, just follow the signs through town, until you come across the lighter lamp posts that welcome you into the museum.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Oil Well in McDonalds Bradford, Pennsylvania

The McDonalds in Bradford, Pennsylvania seems like every other one you've encountered. The fries are overly salty and the special sauce on the Big Mac is the same. (I'm pretty sure it's 1000 Island dressing) But as you approach the drive thru area you spot something you don't normally see in a fast food restaurant, though you may think they all have one. It's an operational oil well, in fact the oldest continuosly operating one in Bradford, an area rich in a crude oil ideal for motor oils. In fact the name brands Penzoil and QuakerState derive their names from the oil that is produced in the Quaker State.

This particular well has been in operation since the 1870's and producing more than a half barrel a day of crude oil. The well was dug by Cline Oil a prominent local oil company who first founded the black gold in the area. The entire region is dotted with small pumps along rural roads and in front yards. Though none are as eye catching as the one located in the heart of the town in a fast food parking lot.