I love ALL state parks. But not as much as character cut outs!

Who am I? I'm a bit strange, eclectic, eccentric, and most importantly fun...or least I think so. The voices tend to agree also. I enjoy great music, bad movies, abandoned structures, haunted places, roadside oddities, kitschy architecture, cryptic creatures, serial killers, violent American history, waterfalls, rollercoasters, and the beach. My other pastimes include annoying my wife, embarrassing my teenage daughter, and sharing my wild adventures with you.

 Maybe it was instilled in my head as a child. Some of my earliest memories involve riding around in the back of my dad's pick-up truck (hey, it was the early 80's) with my two older sisters, scouring the back roads ofToad road. I didn't know the stories and the legend about the place, but it was always creepy and certainly strange.

By my teenage years when I was able to hit the open road on my own I would always find myself drawn to the weird and odd places. The more sinister the better. My friends and I would search the rural back roads looking for anything out of the ordinary.

By my 20's I was raising a family and didn't have much time to search the underbellies of society. But as my daughter got older and the bills got higher I found myself drawn back into this odd fascination. Only this time there was no holding back. Seems as my fascination grew so did a lot of other folks. By my late 20's and early 30's I had discovered quite a bit of information on haunted, historical, abandoned, and odd spots allover. So my wife, my daughter, and myself went out in search. We discovered how much fun as a family we could have without spending much money, if any. Plus my daughter was learning about history (just don't tell her that) even if some was a little odd or macabre.

Out running T-Rex at Knoebel's. Good thing I had on my Batman shirt.

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