Monday, October 7, 2013

Haunted Jericho Covered Bridge Kingsville, Maryland

Spanning the Little Gunpowder Falls in Maryland is a modest covered bridge surrounded by tales of haunting's and strange creatures. The Jericho covered bridge is located near the historic village of Jerusalem Mill and is the last remaining covered bridge in Harford county. The bridge was constructed in 1865, but it's quite possible an older bridge once crossed this area. And may be the reason for so many disturbances here.

The normal ghostly tales associated with covered bridges are all consistent here as well. Many late night passers have claimed to have their car stall on the bridge, only to not restart for several minutes. Some have claimed to have spotted hand prints left in powdery substances they have placed on their vehicles. What most claim to witness when passing through the historic structure is the images of people hanging from the trusses above them.

There have been legends and myths passed down through the years by nearly everyone in the area. Some believe local teens hung themselves in a suicide pact many decades ago. Others believe the bridge was used in the lynching of runaway servants and slaves. These may account for the strange hanging silhouettes that numerous have claimed to experience.

Other locals to the area have reported spotting a ghostly woman crossing the bridge carrying a basket of freshly picked flowers. The spirit of a young woman with a badly burned face has also been seen by paranormal investigators as well as curious nighttime visitors.

Even more strangely is the other creatures who seem to be associated with the bridge. There are myths about abnormal animals protecting the bridge. One creature has been described as being a monkey like creature, but grey in color and with a massive tail protruding out. Others have even claimed that there's a hideous red-eyed demon who stays nearby protecting the covered bridge from the unwanted. Maybe that explains all the hideous blood curling screams that have been heard near the bridge.

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