Sunday, May 27, 2012

Where Ya Been?

The past few months lots of changes have occurred in my life which has taken time away from blogging. I first would like to apologize to our loyal followers. Many of you look forward to the new and intriguing places we visit, and we love to share our experiences.

Hopefully some of the new changes in my life will allow for me to visit more places, and do more traveling throughout the areas. The first big change in my life occurred with a promotion at my job. This means more traveling around, and more money for chances to visit other strange locales. I also recently got married. Planning the wedding and the stress involved helped pull me away from blogging as well, but we just got back from a great honeymoon with lots of new experiences to share with you. Keep following us we haven't left you, we greatly appreciate all the support and look forward to sharing more odd travels on our road.