Monday, January 31, 2011

Dinosaur Rock

Tucked away in the forests of the wooded resort town of Mt. Gretna, sits a geological rock formation dating back millions of years. During the Jurassic period while dinosaurs were making the Earth their playground, a nearby large mass of molten rock cut into the sedimentary rock leaving this beautiful natural creation for man to enjoy.

As you stand in awe of this natural creation, you realize there's no way man could design this. Large boulders seemed to be placed on top of smaller rocks leaving an illusion it could all tumble giving a slight weight change.

The rock formation was so named not necessarily for it's age or the era it was formed, but do to the fact it eerily resembles a dinosaur profile.

Unfortunately this wonder of nature is losing some of it's charm and beauty. This is mainly attributed to the few who feel the need to graffiti their name or certain parts of the anatomy. Fortunately for us graffiti can be washed away, but natural beauty remains forever.

Video of Dinosaur Rock
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