Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Jerry's Market (The Blob)

In July's zine we are taking a Blob Tour. Though the Jerry's Market scene played a key part in the film, we omitted its presence from the zine as it is now part of a strip mall.

During the film Steve and Jane hid from the blob in the walk-in freeze and made a shocking realization that helped to save us all.

At the time of filming, Jerry Fahringer owned 2 markets: 1 in Phoenixville and 1 in Royersford, which was used for filming. Though difficult to identify today as it has changed such much over time. What you are looking for is New Lewis Road Plaza in Royersford. Today it is mostly the Sly Fox Restaurant and Brewery. The meat freezer Steve and Jane run into is apparently now the microbrewery. Cheers to that!

Located at Lewis Road and Oak Street in Royersford, PA.

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