Friday, November 6, 2009

Brandywine Battlefield

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Not only is the Chadd's Ford area home to Devil's Road, one of the most sinister roads in Pennsylvania, but it is also the heart of the Brandywine Battlefield.

General Washington and Lafayette both had headquarters located in the area. The battle took place over a 10-square-mile area. The British had maneuvered into the Chadd's Ford area by way of Kennett Square in order to attack the City of Philadelphia.

The final conflict in the battle occurred near the Birmingham Friends Meeting House. As with all historic battlefields, and this one is no different, the whole area is said to be very active with spirits.


Autumnforest said...

I bet it is!

Buddymaldemer said...

Area is also full of myths... like General Lafayette's headquarters. or the house where he was taken to have his wound bandaged. Finally the Gilpin - Painter house, with the big sycamore in the yard, has been freed of this long standing bit of pap. Lafayette was with Washington at his assigned position, the Ring house. The myth dates from 1825 when a reporter got it wrong.After sixty years, the Battlefield Park has removed the "Lafayette" attribution from the house; check their website.