Friday, January 15, 2010

Haunted Cashtown Inn Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

The Cashtown Inn

This week, Outta the Way is thrilled to bring you a first-hand experience at the Cashtown Inn from a director of the Documentary Film, "Investigating the Afterlife," Shane Free.

Shane writes:

I shot one night at the Cashtown Inn for my ghost hunting documentary "Investigating the Afterlife." My brother and I stayed in the Robert E. Lee suite on the very top floor. It was a little after midnight when we were shooting with our infrared cameras and recording with digital audio. My brother alerted me when he heard what sounded like a disembodied voice while listening through his headphones. We immediately stopped to review the tape and very faintly you could hear what did sound like a man either inhaling or exhaling, pretty creepy indeed. The rest of the night was fairly uneventful; although when I was reviewing the video footage I saw what looked like a ball of light travel from one side of the screen to the other. Overall, I found the Inn to have a very strange vibe; you could definitely feel the history within its walls.

My documentary is available through purchase or rental on Amazon.

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