Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Yuengling Mansion

In 1914 Frank Yuengling, owner of Yuengling brewery, and his family moved into a large mansion on Mahantongo street in Pottsville, Pennsylvania. The home had a total of 20 rooms and also housing quarters for maids. But long since the Yuengling family moved out, their spirits may still remain.

The house served as a home to 3 generations of Yuenglings. In 1978 the home was deeded over to the Schuylkill county council for the arts. And in 1979 the home was placed on the national register of historic places. But many believe not all the members of the Yuengling household have left completely.

Many paranormal investigators have visited the home and have discovered some unnatural phenomenon. Most of the sightings take place on the third floor which housed the maids, and where the young children of the family favored to play. There are thought to be two spirits which roam around the top floor and also the various staircases in the home. One spirit is thought to be a former maid who lived in the home with the family, the other spirit is that of a young, female child. EVP's of both spirits have been captured, cold spots have been felt throughout the third floor, and other strange activity has been also witnessed. The house isn't the only place on the property thought to be haunted. The nearby carriage house has also been investigated and strange anomalies have been sighted as well. A recent investigation team noticed a large brown orb floating near the carriage house.

I have found no reported deaths to have taken place on the property or in the home. Perhaps these spirits died many years after leaving the house, and maybe this is the place they'll always remember as home.

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