Thursday, December 23, 2010

Spirits at the Railroad House Inn Marietta, Pennsylvania

Not too far from the former home of Nellie Noll ( "the river witch" ) lies the Railroad House Inn. The establishment offers fine food, a bed and breakfast, and spirits. Originally built in the 1820’s, it had become a haven for all the men who worked along the river and many believe a few may still inhabit this historic establishment. Workers in the restaurant kitchen have witnessed cooking utensils being moved or strewn around on their own. A few have even seen the young blonde girl who causes all this commotion. She is dressed in Victorian garb, and seems to enjoy playing games with the kitchen staff. The spirits here don’t just inhabit the kitchen; they also pay visits to overnight guests. Those who have booked overnight visits to the Bed and Breakfast have felt numerous cold spots throughout the building and have seen a strange man sitting at the foot of their bed in the middle of the night. Others have encountered an elderly woman on a rocking chair, knitting the night away. Room 6 of the Bed and Breakfast may hold the most mystery. Even when the room is unoccupied, strange noises have been heard, and many have felt an overwhelming fear just nearing the room. But for the strongest spirits in the Railroad House, you need to visit the tavern, don’t just go looking on the shelves for the spirits.
Shadowy figures have been spotted throughout the bar by numerous patrons and cold spots have been felt all throughout. And all you singles guys better be wary of a flirty woman named Annie. Her spirit has been known to be quite attracted to young bachelors. You have been warned.

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