Friday, March 19, 2010

Historic Mt. Gretna, Pennsylvania

Mt. Gretna is a small town of historic homes and cottages. Founded in the 1890's by the Pennsylvania Chatauqua Society. They were naturally attracted by the beauty of the area. They found the town to be perfect for a summer day, fortunately so did the rest of the country. At one time you could travel to this quiet community by train from anywhere in the country.

As the town grew so did the aspirations of the townsfolk. There were the beginnings of an amusement park. There was a carousel, a dancing pavilion, and even a roller coaster. This in turn led to restaurants, shops, and hotels. Unfortunately most places had perished by the 1920's. During World War 2 the area almost reached abandonment.

Today Mt. Gretna is once again thriving. Many accredit that to their award winning art show, started in 1976. There is still plenty to keep everyone active, from cross-country skiing in the winter, to lakeside swimming. Spending a day in Mt. Gretna will make you feel that life is a whole lot simpler.

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