Thursday, March 24, 2011

Outta the Way! on YouTube

A little more then a year ago I was getting ready to celebrate another birthday, certainly a time not many look forward to. In my opinion it's all pretty much downhill after 21. I greatly appreciate all the wisdom I have learned from that point on, but how many people say I can't wait until I'm 40, think of how much I will have learned! But no matter what age, birthdays are always an important milestone that need to be celebrated. My girlfriend has been particularly amazing in this category, due to the fact that my birthday falls shortly after the New Year it's quite easy to forget through all the stressful festivities that precede it. She's never been one to make me feel forgotten. As the days to my birthday drew closer I still had no idea what I wanted for a present, I'm usually just as overwhelmed as everyone else is during this time. Finally after seeing numerous Flip video commercials, I jokingly, but with seriousness asked for this new gadget. I'm not the type who has to have all the new electronics as soon as they hit the market, just take a look at my VHS collection, but I felt this would be a great marketing tool for my business.

Quickly after getting the Flip camera I began to travel to places I had already visited so I could document my trips in a whole new format. I found making the videos became an integral part of our explorations, it allowed me to show my fans and followers a more fluid journey along with us. Film and cinema have always played an important role in my life, now I felt as though I was the director of my own little adventures.

In slightly over one years time I put together nearly 90 movies of our mysterious journeys. During this time I have been able to discover the marketing power of YouTube as a social network. I have found my videos get shared quite often and some have reached over a few thousand views, and have helped to contribute to more sales in my shop. Thanks to the magic of Flip video and YouTube, I have found a more exciting way to network my business, and help generate a bit more income.

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