Sunday, May 22, 2011

Skull Tree: R.I.P.

(Photo from Weird U.S.)

Pennsylvania is a state known mostly for it's abundance of natural resources. Oil, coal, natural gas, and most notably timber. They all played an important role in the commonwealth's history.
With all the timber and trees spread throughout the state, it's only natural a few would sprout urban legends of their own.

One of the most famous trees in the keystone state is the skull tree. Located in a remote area, near a reputed cult house, the tree became an entity of it's own. It came to be known as the skull tree due to the erosion of ground around the roots, giving the tree a grimly look of a human skull.

The tree eventually became a nuisance to local homeowners. Young thrill seekers would often scour the back road late at night, hoping for a glimpse of the notorious tree. They would all too often leave their mark behind as well, often littering and tagging trees or street signs. The vandals had become such a disturbance that the township has since had the infamous tree removed. Another outta the way gem destroyed by a few irresponsible hoodlums!

Video ride down devil's road, home of skull tree
Skull Tree


Anna said...

That's a bummer, I would have liked to see it and take a picture before they removed it.

Outta the Way said...

I just found my picture of it and added it to the blog!