Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Counrty Junction World's Largest General Store

Country Junction near the town of Lehighton boasts itself as the World's largest general store. As I got lost strolling through the aisle ways I found their assessment to be true, and never had so much fun being lost. I could have easily spent an hour wandering through their candy lane. Ogling over all the old time favorites, as well as homemade fudge.

Almost every available square inch of floor space is utilized in this massive market. Contained therein is a plethora of assorted merchandise, ranging from hardware, flooring, furniture, and anything in between. The store also specializes in unusual gifts and unique treasures. I found myself in amazement staring at life sized "Scarface" and "Blues Brothers" characters spouting famous lines from their respective films.

Besides all the great merchandise the store also boasts a large petting zoo. The zoo contains llamas, alpacas, bunnies, sheep, and much more. Including a spacious fish pond. If that's not enough the general store also boasts one of the largest wine selections in the region. Definitely something here to appeal to every member of the family, no matter what age!

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Hands to Work, Hearts to God said...

I love getting lost too! You never know what you will find! Patsy from