Saturday, March 24, 2012

Spirits in Schuylkill County Prison

The county prison in Schuylkill county rests majestically on top of the hill overlooking the city of Pottsville. The fortress bears the resemblance of a medievel castle. A large brick tower looms in the front keeping watch of all that's going on below. The prison began it's operations in 1851, in less than 5 years the prison had doubled in size. Behind the lovely brick castle facade hinds a dark and gloomy past. The county prison was a popular place for numerous hangings. The first execution in the current prison took place in 1875. Two short years later the county would host it's most famous hanging. A 6 man gallow was constructed to hang Mollie Maguires convicted of murder. Over the years many more hangings and executions took place on the property, but none were as famed as the nationally known Mollie Maguires.

Numerous prisoners who have had the unfortunate chance of visiting the prison claim the place is full of spirits. Unexplained screams in the night go reported, ghostly spirits have been spotted by former guards as well as inmates. A number of employees on the graveyard shift have often heard chains rattling, particularly near the midnight hour. Are their ghostly spirits roaming around the dark halls of this local legend, or are imaginations just running a little higher when confinement is felt? Maybe they'll let me spend a night there, but do I have to commit a crime!

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