Thursday, June 7, 2012

Oil Well in McDonalds Bradford, Pennsylvania

The McDonalds in Bradford, Pennsylvania seems like every other one you've encountered. The fries are overly salty and the special sauce on the Big Mac is the same. (I'm pretty sure it's 1000 Island dressing) But as you approach the drive thru area you spot something you don't normally see in a fast food restaurant, though you may think they all have one. It's an operational oil well, in fact the oldest continuosly operating one in Bradford, an area rich in a crude oil ideal for motor oils. In fact the name brands Penzoil and QuakerState derive their names from the oil that is produced in the Quaker State.

This particular well has been in operation since the 1870's and producing more than a half barrel a day of crude oil. The well was dug by Cline Oil a prominent local oil company who first founded the black gold in the area. The entire region is dotted with small pumps along rural roads and in front yards. Though none are as eye catching as the one located in the heart of the town in a fast food parking lot.

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