Thursday, September 27, 2012

Starucca Viaduct

The Starucca viaduct is a beautiful stone archway bridge that spans across the sleepy town of Lanesboro, Pennsylvania. Built between 1847-1848 the bridge has stood as a testament of time as well as craftsmanship. The bridge was built as a crosswalk between two mountains. Another plan was to re-route the train tracks, but that deemed to be a more hazardous route.

 At its time of completion it was considered the largest stone viaduct in the mid 19th century, it was also considered to be the most expensive railroad bridge in the World. The grandiose overpass was constructed mainly of bluestone from the local quarries in the area. It also incorporated concrete bases to help support the towering trestle. This may have been the first time that concrete was used in the supporting of an American bridge.

The Starucca viaduct has been recognized as both a National historical, and engineering landmark.   It has also been mentioned in numerous works of literature, as well as been depicted in many artworks. Seeing the serene beauty that surrounds this graceful bridge it's not difficult to become a bit more creative or at least a tad more at peace.

Video look at the Starucca viaduct

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