Thursday, January 31, 2013

Woodward Cave

Secluded away in the hills of Millheim, Pennsylvania sits another of Mother Nature's most beautiful places. I find myself enthralled while inside caves. Something about the fact that you're in a place that has been possibly enjoyed since the beginning of man and yet will still continue to grow after we all pass.

 Since 1926 the Woodward Cave has been fascinating travelers from all over the world. The cavern is one of the largest in the state and consists of 5 large rooms. Woodward cave is often referred to as "the Big One", due to its massive size and cathedral ceilings. Rooms such as the "Ballroom" are large enough that it's been used to host functions within the cave. Another room measures over 200 feet in length. The cave also features one of the largest stalagmites in the state.

Besides the stalactites, and stalagmites you find in other caves, the Woodward also offers a glimpse at cave icicles, cave bacon or ribbons, cave coral, and the rare helictites. They also boast formations resembling a lion, and a camel sitting down. Both remarkable examples of millions of years of Mother Nature at work.

Aside from all the beauty and mysticism the cave has to offer, the grounds are also available for camping. Cabins are nestled throughout the property offering a quaint, quiet stay in a serene location. The cave doesn't get nearly the tourist traffic most others receive. In my opinion this doesn't diminish the attractiveness the cave offers, it only adds to it's natural intrigue.

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