Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Dio Way Cortland, New York

Ronnie James Dio is known for his operatic vocal ability, his charismatic personality, and also his love of humanity. He is thought to be the originator of the "metal horns" sign.

 Dio is best known for being the lead singer for several prominent bands including, Rainbow, Elf, Black Sabbath, Heaven and Hell, and his solo band Dio. His love of music, as well as his vocal abilities inspired many within the musical genre. The goodwill he spread through his life helped to inspire many others.

Throughout the world there are numerous heavy metal festivals that are named in his honor. Those who knew and worked with him described him as a humble talent. There's a statue in Kavarna, Bulgaria of him. In Central New York the town of Cortland has inducted him into their city Hall of Fame. They also changed the name of a local street where Ronnie James Dio lived, forever memorializing their own local legend.

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