Saturday, June 20, 2009

Knoebels Part II

Knoebels not only offers great family fun at an affordable price, they also feature a few quirky museums and other oddities. What other amusement park do you know with a covered bridge in it.

The Mining Museum located near the back of the park gives a fun glimpse into anthrocite mining, which is very big business in the area. You'll see old mining tools, artifacts, accidental mining records and even a giant dinosaur?!

Within the Mining Museum is the Knoebels History Museum, following over 80 years of the park's history. You'll learn about the Phoenix Roller coaster, which was built in 1947, and was at that time the largest coaster in the world. Find out how it ended up at Knoebels, as well as the majority of the other rides the park offers.

At the Knoebels Carousel Museum, you'll see thousands of animals that were made for carousels throughout the years and world. Not just the usual horses, but also specialty pieces. You'll see pieces resembling roosters, dogs and other animals we don't normally associate with carousels. You'll also learn about the carvings and carvers who still carry on this tradition.

If that's not enough for you, near kiddie land lies "the world's largest baseball bat." The bat sits in front of the large steam-powered antique lathe it was made on. Nearby are also several wood carvings made from chainsaws, as well as a 200-year-old log.

All attractions are free and quirky only adding even more charm to Knoebels.

Knoebels is open daily from Memorial day through Labor Day.

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