Friday, May 8, 2009


Looking for a doorknob for your 1860's Victorian home, a Boy's Bathroom sign for your door, the door itself, an original piece of art, or maybe just a spot to check out local independent films and musicians? Welcome to BUiLDiNG CHARACTER, an architectural salvage store and art market.

Home to a slew of local artists, ranging from jewelry, photography, high school art, to egg decorating, as well as a little bit of everything else in between. anks to BUiLDiNG CHARACTER, these artists are able to display their works without the high overhead, which helps consumers afford a one-of-a-kind piece of art they may not normally been able to.

Also within BUiLDiNG CHARACTER is an architectural salvage store. For anyone who owns an older home and wants to keep an original look, or just wants a unique look, this is the place for you. There are things you won't find anywhere else.
From the BUiLDiNG CHARACTER website: "BUiLDiNG CHARACTER is a 6,000-square-foot collection of architectural artifacts, antiques, historical building materials, functional memorabilia, local art, artisan studios and one of the city's most unique and alternative assembly spaces for music and workshops."

BUiLDiNG CHARACTER is located within the former Lancaster Storage Company, and some of the booths at the art market take advantage of the old storage garages.

If you hear a strange creak, or experience something moving for no reason, don't be alarmed. That's just Chester. Yes, BUiLDiNG CHARACTER is also haunted!

With Marty and Tony's (owners) positive involvement in the community and their willfulness to help independent artists, BUiLDiNG CHARACTER gets the Outta of the Way approval!

BUiLDiNG CHARACTER is located at 342 N. Queen Street, Rear, Lancaster, Pennsylvania. It's open daily at 11 am.

There are all kinds of events that take place at BUiLDiNG CHARACTER. If you can't make it in person, be sure to checkout their website, or pick up a few items in the BUiLDiNG CHARACTER eBay store.

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