Friday, December 4, 2009

The Howard Tunnel

Just outside the small town of York-New Salem, Pennsylvania, along the York County Rail Trail lies the oldest continuously running railroad tunnel in the world. The Howard Tunnel, named for the young man whose idea it was to build the tunnel through a small mountain. The tunnel was built during the years of 1836-1837 and opened up in 1838. The 370 foot tunnel expanded to two rail lines in the 1870's.

On a somber note, the tunnel has seen 3 Presidential Funeral Processions. Presidents Lincoln, Harding and McKinley's bodies all have passed through the tunnel.


Autumnforest said...

Wow! That's gorgeous-would love to be there alone in the dark...Creepy!

My gift to blogs I follow this holiday season is to tell them what I love about their blogs.

I'm just thrilled to find out about places I've never been. You photograph and talk about places I didn't know of and I'm thrilled to virtually visit them. Please keep it up!

BNSFrailfan said...

I my-self have been through some old RR Tunnels in Pennsylvania. I was born in this state. And let me tell you. They are creepy. These old blogs sure do bring back alot of memories. There are alot of old abandoned RR tunnels through out the state. Are some of these old tunnels haunted? I am a 100% believer in the Paranormal. I have heard strange things happen in these older tunnels. Take care.
Allan Love Jr