Friday, February 26, 2010

I Survived Three Mile Island

    Early morning in March of 1979 the greatest fear in the nuclear era almost became a reality. The unit 2 reactor on Three Mile Islands power plant almost suffered a meltdown. After a few panic stricken days and not much word on what was happening, citizens of the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania area began to flee. 140,000 citizens evacuated the area due to fears of radiation leakage. Even minute levels of exposure to radiation can cause birth defects and cancer.
    Eventually the plant was deemed safe and no reports of radiation leaks were reported. However after subsequent investigations it was deemed the accident was much worse than originally thought. What transpired in the early hours of that fateful day and the days that followed are sure to always be remembered by those who survived T.M.I. . For more about T.M.I. and the meltdown or other local spots of strange interest go Outta the Way.

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