Sunday, July 18, 2010

Historical St. Peter's Village

Nestled amongst the trees and boulders of the French Creek State Park lies the tiny village of St. Peter's. Originally the village was an industrial town, that was until the mining and quarrying businesses dried up. The town nearly fell into complete abandonment, until it rejuvenated itself as a great outta the way spot perfect for a weekend getaway. Though it seems as if time stopped in this little village, it's a time the whole family will enjoy. My teenage daughter enjoyed the place so much she wanted to contribute her experiences for the blog. She says. "Today my family and I went to St. Peter's Village. We went to the village because we were in need of an adventure! My favorite part about this trip was that there is a creek with lots of large rocks that you can climb on."

"We went to an arcade that had old pinball machines and other old games that you really don't see nowadays. There are plenty of cool shops and a restaurant too. My feelings about this place is that it was a really neat experience. I believe more people should visit. My last thought on St. Peter's Village is that its shops are only open on the weekends and I wish they were open more often."