Friday, July 23, 2010

St. Peter's Village Antique Arcade.

The tiny village of St. Peter's makes you feel as if you've just stepped back into another era in history. All the homes and businesses look very similar to the way they looked when they were built in the 1800's. Even the village arcade with it's more modern technology takes you back to a much simpler time. The arcade is full of vintage arcade games and pinball machines. Most seem to be from the 1960's and 1970's, some are quite obscure and difficult to find. Most of the pinball machines gives you two plays for one quarter. Aside from the pinball machines there are also a few shooting games, including the game "Arctic Gun" which uses an actual modified Remington rifle. Perhaps you'd like to try your skills shooting black cats and witches in the game "Haunted House." The entire arcade oozes with nostalgia, the most modern game I noticed was the classic "Pac-Man." Maybe it was the song "Car Wash" pulsating out of the speakers as I dropped a quarter into the "Swinger" pinball machine, but for a few minutes I felt I was transported back in time, and all of life's everyday stresses seemed to fade away and life seemed a whole lot simpler.

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