Sunday, September 26, 2010

"Abandoned Luncheonette" Rosedale Diner

The late owner of the abandoned Pizza World, also owned another restaurant, though this one will be remembered forever. The Rosedale Diner which had been sitting across the street from Pizza World, caught the eyes of two upcoming musicians. Daryl Hall, a Pottstown native, and John Oates approached the owner about granting permission to photograph the diner which had sat defunct since the mid 1960's. The owner verbally agreed for an autographed first album fresh off the presses.

In 1973 Hall & Oates released the album "Abandoned Luncheonette", featuring one of their most recognized hits "She's Gone." The Rosedale Diner remained in it's dilapidated state until 1983 when it was eventually scrapped. During that 10 year frame it became a hallowed ground for Hall & Oates souvenir hunters. Some debris from the old diner can still be found near the towpath park on Route 724.

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Matt Simmons said...

Thanks so much for mentioning the Abandoned Luncheonette album cover site!

You and your readers may enjoy a post on this topic I recently helped Larry Cultrera with for his great website, "Diner Hotline" ( Larry is a true diner connoisseur, and he was kind enough to share his site with me on August 14th so we could tell the story behind the "Abandoned Luncheonette" album cover.

And certainly, if you or any of your readers may know any additional facts on the subject, I would love to hear them. While I have been able to garner quite a bit of detail, I certainly am aware that I don't know EVERYTHING there is to know about the story. The daughters and close friend of the diner owner, whom I interviewed, had difficulty recalling some of the details, because at the time everything was transpiring all those years ago, they didn't realize how enduring or broadly appealing the story actually was.