Thursday, September 30, 2010

Lancaster County, Pennsylvania:Ghost Stories

In the October Outta the Way zine we'll take you on a haunting journey through Lancaster county.
We''ll start in the sleepy town of Marietta where spirits have been known to get restless after night falls. You'll learn the history of the "River Witch", grab some spirits with a few spirits, and take a journey into the darkside in a cemetery haunted by phantom dogs.
Next we'll lead you into Lancaster city and visit a few historical spots, each with a ghastly past. One enshrined in glitz and glamour, the other a medieval looking fortress you don't even wanna spend a night in. Than it's off to a city cemetery with local tales of statues coming to life, and spirits roaming the grounds still searching the truth.
Lastly we're off to the railroading town of Strasburg, and a visit to a few homes with more than their share of spine tingling tales. Finally we'll visit the local cemetery and the grave of a mysterious local woman who still has many unanswered questions, even decades after her death.

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