Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Bowman's Hill Tower

Not too far from Washington’s Crossing is a commemorative monument honoring the great leader. The Bowman’s Hill Tower stands 125 feet and on a clear day offers a 14 mile wide radial view.
The tower was built in June of 1931 out of native stone gathered from nearby, and entirely by the employees of the Washington Crossing Park Commission. During the mid-1930’s, seven major improvements took place including creating two vistas for outstanding views of the valley below. In the 1980’s an elevator was added, though it only takes you ¾ of the way up the tower.
Bowman’s hill is thought to have been a lookout point for General Washington and his men. The tower is also located in the Bowman’s Hill Wildlife Preserve, so if the history doesn’t inspire you, the natural beauty certainly will.

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