Thursday, February 9, 2012

Bigfoot in Pennsylvania

The most beloved cryptid creature in America seems to make his impression felt everywhere including Pennsylvania. The Sasquatch is quite frequently spotted in the deep forests of the Pacific Northwest, but there have been sightings of this mysterious creature in nearly every state.

Sasquatch or Bigfoot is usually described as a large ape-like creature who walks upright. Bigfoot has been deemed to range around 6' - 10' in height and weighing in at over 500 pounds. They are known to permeate a horrific stench, and are legendary for their monstrous footprints.

As early as 1879 there have been descriptions given of a hairy wild man roaming the woods throughout Pennsylvania. The Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society has varied reports of sightings throughout every county in the state. A majority of the sightings appear in the central and northern parts of the heavily wooded commonwealth. But alarmingly a strange disproportion also occur within the suburbs of Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. Several witnesses have felt or spotted a strange ape-like man luring at them while hunting. Others have reported hearing odd inarticulate screams uttering from the woods. Seems if you're going to go out hunting for Bigfoot Pennsylvania may be a good place to start, just be sure you keep all your senses magnified.
Photo of Bigfoot sighting in Pennsylvania.

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