Saturday, February 25, 2012

Jersey Devil

The Jersey Devil is perhaps one of the most famous cryptid creatures in the United States. Tales of his existence have been passed along for centuries by numerous New Jersey residents. Early Native American tribes in the area often referred to the Pine Barren woods as "the place of the dragon." Within this isolated stretch of woods is where most of the sightings of the devil have occurred.

According to legends, the Jersey Devil is thought to be the 13th child of Mother Leeds. Upon finding out of her 13th pregnancy she stated "may it be a devil." While bearing forth the child, she invoked the devil during painful labor pains. The child was born normal but within minutes of birth sprouted a horse-like head, a forked tail, wings and hooves. Immediately the creature struck, killing the mid-wife who had helped bring him to the light, than escaping into the barren woods.

The Jersey Devil has certainly left a lasting impression on the garden state. Famed Naval heroes have spotted the creature, and even fired cannon blasts at him. Brothers of World leaders have witnessed the strange creature while hunting. The mysterious monster has spurred many stories and is often blamed for many tragedies and accidents. It's been documented that when the Jersey Devil seems to appear to a large amount of witnesses within a few days, that world tragedies often occur shortly after. Lately the Jersey Devil seems to be traveling a little farther out of his area. While he has been spotted throughout the entire state of New Jersey, his presence has been appearing throughout the entire Mid-Atlantic region.

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Ben said...

Awesome stuff. There's an upcoming short film being produced on The Jersey Devil in the next couple months...check out the facebook page here!