Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Indian Echo Caverns

Tucked in the hills of Hummelstown, Pennsylvania, lying next to the Swatara creek is a natural made attraction that's been enjoyed for centuries.

It's believed the early Susquehannock Indians who settled in the area were the first to discover the Indian Echo caverns. They would use the cave as refuge during harsh weather. The cave would also be used to store food during the warmer months. The tribe vanished from the area during the 1670's leaving the caverns unoccupied. During the next century saw an influx of European trappers.It's believed these men discovered the cave during their journeys of the northeast sections of the United States.

In 1929 the cave opened up for commercial tours. At first thousands came in droves to catch a look at the beauty of mother nature, sadly the great depression was looming around the corner. The cave fell on hard times and was purchased by the bank. However in 1942 a nearby Hershey resident purchased the property and the family has maintained it since.

The cave consists of several large rooms and also narrow passageways. Red lights line the areas where you may to watch your head. And during our tour they turned off all the lights and illuminated a room with just the brightness of an old torch. Offering you a glimpse into how travelers in the past viewed this wondrous creation.

Indian Echo is a cave full of amazing features. Sometimes even appearing otherworldly.  Goliath stalactites, massive formations, constant growth, crystal clear lakes, and stunning natural colors all make up this beautiful subterranean area. Let's hope it's enjoyed for many more centuries to come.

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