Friday, February 22, 2013

America's Coolest Small Town: Lititz, Pennsylvania

Wow! So recently my hometown of Lititz, Pennsylvania was named America's coolest small town. Something most our residents already knew, but it's nice to have an official honor to go with it.

So what makes Lititz so cool? For starters Lititz is home to a lot of firsts. The first all girls boarding school was started in 1746 and still rests on Main street. Also on Main street is the first hard pretzel factory in America. Other local local sweet spots dot the small town including Candyology, Cafe Chocolate, and of course the famous Wilbur chocolate factory.

Many other specialty shops that line the streets include a few thrift shops, a fair trade store, a market specializing in exotic meats, as well as a British pub. Also nearby is a wolf sanctuary, as well as the picturesque Lititz spring park. There's plenty to keep you busy in this tiny town, but it's not necessarily our unique shops that make us so cool.

Most will tell you what makes this town so cool is it's community. The folks in this town support their town and their local business owners. Lititz holds 2nd Friday celebrations every month where the shops stay open longer and musicians line the alleys and parking lots. Lititz certainly isn't the first town to do this, but the community really gathers around and shows their support no matter what the weather conditions.

Several annual festivities are quite popular around town and gather rather large crowds. The Chocolate Walk, Independence Day celebration, and the recent Fire & Ice festival, are just a few of the popular events you can find around town.

I'm sure there will be much debate about who's the coolest small town in America. Even I will admit I felt I've visited cooler small towns, and I will certainly be searching out the other contestants in the contest. But without the community's support and continued dedication to helping make Lititz so cool, we wouldn't even have this little title to boast. Now the next time I'm Outta the Way and someone asks where I'm from I can tell them Lititz, you know the coolest small town in America!

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