Thursday, March 14, 2013

Syracuse, New York Shot Clock Monument

March madness is coming upon us! A time when even those who know nothing about sports have a chance to be the office hero. The annual college basketball tournament definitely generates a buzz around the country. Folks everywhere are filling out several brackets in hopes of picking all the unpredictable upsets that occur every year. All this excitement is certainly more prevalent in college towns, particularly those schools who generally have outstanding basketball programs on a consistent basis. One city that fits this bill perfectly is Syracuse, New York.

The whole city seems to be on hold whenever their beloved Orange are running the floor. The citizens all adorn navy blue and orange apparel. They take their basketball very seriously here. And they should, a former owner of the previous NBA team, the Syracuse Nationals, helped to revolutionize the modern game.

In 1954 the Nationals owner incorporated using a 24 second shot clock during a scrimmage. He used a formula he created based solely on box scores of NBA games. Through the 1950's the league was in general suffering from lack of attendance due to teams acquiring a lead, than continuously passing the ball to run the clock down. The NBA adopted the clock for the 54-55 season resulting in higher average scores and eventually larger attendance.

Today in the Armory Square section of Syracuse a 24 second shot clock is running constantly, as well as a plaque commemorating the clock which would drastically change the game of basketball forever.

 If you have ever visited Syracuse in the winter months when basketball season is in effect, you'll barely see anyone in a city of over half a million. Of course if you find yourself outside during this time, you to will be looking to get back in, at least to get out of the cold!

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