Thursday, March 7, 2013

Turkey Hill Experience

Suffering from a case of cabin fever, we hopped in the car one weekend and headed west on the highway. Our destination was a day indoors enjoying the Turkey Hill Experience. The recently opened tourist destination has been giving families a chance to learn more about the local dairy, and also it's importance with in the community.

After purchasing your tickets you ascend the staircase and begin your experience. You initially learn the history of the local dairy and the family that started this corporation. Learning along the way how the family utilized the local farmers, as well as changed their strategies as our nation grew and demanded more convenience. Following the history lesson the tour begins to become a bit more hands on.

The next area consists of an old delivery truck; with an operational horn, a cow you can test your milking skills on, as well as interactive phones retelling delivery stories from decades past. Also included in the interactive area is a small theater which shows a short film giving you insight into the local factory. Various hands on games, activities, and  playthings. But best of all are the infinite samples you can try. Test your taste buds with their delicious ice creams, while you wash it all down with refreshing iced teas.

One of the coolest activities the Turkey Hill Experience offers is the chance to create your own flavor of ice cream. You get to add your own mixing's and toppings. Creating something completely outlandish and possibly nauseating, or create a special flavor you always wanted to see. Not only do you get the chance to create your own new flavor, but you also get to design the packaging for your brilliant idea. Best of all you even get the opportunity to create your own commercial to help advertise your new crazy concoction.

You can check out my flavor and commercial here.

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