Friday, June 12, 2009

Knoebels Grove Part 1

[the swings]

[a view from the ferris wheel]
Tired of long lines and overpriced amusement park tickets? Not feeling like you got your money's worth? Try a visit to Knoebels Grove. Nestled in the woods of Elysburg, PA, it's the perfect getaway for cash-strapped families.

Admission and parking are free; you only pay for what you ride. There is also an affordable campground on the property if you want to make a weekend of it. Knoebels offers the feel of an old time fair with the modern flair of the new theme parks. Featuring over 50 rides, including a carousel with a brass ring arm, an actual scary haunted house (Kim has never opened her eyes in it!) and one of the oldest and top-ranked coasters in the nation, it's not difficult to see how everyone would be pleased. From the young ones to the thrill riders, Knoebels is sure to please. And because you pay as you go, you don't feel frustrated or rushed to get your money's worth, so you can all easily go as a group.

Picnics are allowed and even encouraged with lots of picnic tables and pavilions, but the food in the park is affordable and tasty. For approximately $100, a family of 4 should have no problems making a day of it. Try doing that at Hearshy or Dorney Park.

Knoebels is open from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

Check out next week's blog for more on Knoebels and some of the oddities they offer as well.

[taken from the train ride, which goes under this coaster]

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