Friday, June 5, 2009

School Spirits/Gravity Road Lewisberry, Pennsylvania

In Northern York County, there's a road thought to be haunted by a local football team who met their fate when their bus rolled over a mountain. These boys don't want you to be another victim so they help to push your car back up the hill they lost their brakes on. This road is actually a gravity hill and if you put your car in neutral (or put an object on the ground such as a bottle), your car will go backwards up the hill. There are many more of these gravity hills located throughout the world, all with no real explanations.

For more information on these school spirits, check out the Outta the Way Zine.

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Autumnforest said...

I had heard about that one and it sounded interesting. I know in Oregon there's a whole area that's got that anti-gravity thing. I'd be curious to see if I closed my eyes if it felt like I was walking uphill or downhill if I didn't have the surroundings to make me feel I'm fighting gravity. So cool!