Friday, October 8, 2010

Haunted Lancaster County Prison

The City of Lancaster gets commended for striving to keep the history of the city. Most downtown businesses are in buildings dating back over 150 years. Given all this history and the fact that most still exist, leaves the City of Lancaster ripe with ghost tales.
Originally built in 1737, the Lancaster County Prison, with its castle façade, is a great representation of this. Yet behind that façade that houses criminals, many strange happenings are going on.
The prison held public hangings until 1912 and those sentenced to death were chained to cinder blocks right behind these castle walls. The cells and chains used to hold the prisoners are still in existence, and some believe the prisoners might not be far behind. Late nights in the cells are sure to send a shiver through anyone. Whispers, scratching and chain rattles are a normal occurrence. I’d rather not spend an evening in the prison to find out. I recommend that you don’t either.


Anonymous said...

Check your facts friend,back in the early 1900's they move the prison from around center square (where they did the hangings) to where it is presently. But the prison today is still haunted. They actually have a dungeon there underground, today

Anonymous said...

well sorry Mr. anonymous but you don't have the facts either. this current prison was built in 1851 and the public hangings were held HERE until 1912.