Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Lancaster Cemetery and Augusta Bitner's Grave

Take a late night stroll through the Lancaster Cemetery and you’ll feel the history of the city engulf you, but be cautious of what else you may encounter in this plot of graves. Late night passersby tell tales of encountering a woman in a Victorian dress strolling the hallowed grounds. This woman is thought to be the spirit of Augusta Bitner, a young woman who died during childbirth and has yet to come to rest. Her grave is one of the most exquisite in the cemetery: a large statue of the Virgin Mary, which is thought to come to life during full moon nights. If you visit on the eve of her death, you may even witness tears of sorrow slowly weeping from the statue’s eyes. It’s thought Augusta will never rest until she learns the fate of her precious child who cost her, her own life.

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Aaron Nutter said...

Charles Demuth is also in the graveyard