Friday, October 29, 2010

Hans Graf Cemetery and the Haunted Dogs

It’s not only human spirits that haunt the little borough of Marietta. Just a short drive away in the neighboring small town of Rowenna, lies an old family grave plot thought to be haunted by dogs. The Hans Graf Cemetery is the plot of the Graf family, one of the first families to occupy Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. The graveyard is very old and mysterious. The graves are encompassed inside a crumbling stone wall. Local legend states if you circle the perimeter seven times by the light of a full moon you will perish. Most of the tales stemming from the cemetery involve phantom canines. A ghostly apparition of a dog has been spotted by numerous visitors near the grave of Hans Graf. Several paranormal investigators have experienced odd phenomenon as well. Several EVPs of dogs barking have been caught on audio, and during numerous visits dogs were often heard when encountering the cemetery.It’s not known why dogs would haunt this cemetery. Perhaps they’re protecting the Graf family from unwanted intruders


Anonymous said...

Can you tell me if this is the Hans Graf who came over from Switzerland in the 1690's?

I have an ancestor who founded Grafville, PA who eventually made his way to what became W. PA. I have a photo of his gravesite, but not where it's located.

Anna said...

My husband and I just stumbled upon this cemetery by accident when we took a detour down an "interesting road" on the way home from Hershey Park. I find it very weird, ironic even, +that upon googling it I come across your blog, when I'm already following you. =) I took a picture of it and caught an orb type thing, only it's not round so I'm thinking it's probably not a dust mote. It's odd in shape. If you're interested I'll send you a copy. I took another picture at the same spot/angle to see if it might be a reflection on something metal, and didn't catch it again. I'm always really excited to stumble across a place so fascinating, and then even more exciting when it turns up in my research that it's "haunted" and has caught the attention of so many other people. I just love exploring this wonderful state. If anyone want to share stories about this place, or any other interesting place in PA, my e-mail is Feel free to contact me, because my husband and I would love to connect with other explorers like ourselves. Has anyone ever been to Gut Road? This place has been intriguing my husband and I for years now. We stumbled across it by accident just like the graveyard here, and have had quite a few interesting experiences there. I've heard so many people say that it's haunted, and I can't find a darn thing about a haunting online. Sorry this comment was long... =)