Thursday, February 17, 2011

Cross Dressing Spirits of Rexmont, Pennsylvania

The tiny village of Rexmont is quite easy to miss. There's not even a signal light in this sleepy town. But this village is full of history and quite a bit of mystery as well.

The town was founded in the 1870's by a successful financier named Cyrus Rex. Cyrus wanted to give the local furnace workers a chance to own property as opposed to living in factory villages. He began to sell one acre plots for the men and their families to build homes on. In 1875 Cyrus had his very own home built. He shared the home with his niece Susan Amanda.

Cyrus didn't spend much of his life in the town he founded, he preferred to travel abroad with his partner Dr. Andrew Glenninger. When he was in town, Cyrus was known to be seen parading around in elegant gowns.

Today the residence is private, but has been a Bed and Breakfast in the recent past. Even so there always seems to be an uninvited overnight guest. Former visitors to the Inn have often spotted a spirit roaming the hallways and rooms. This apparition seems to enjoy sporting long elegant victorian gowns. Perhaps it's Cyrus' niece who spent much of her life in the home, many believe it's Cyrus himself re-visiting his former home the way he was most comfortable.

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Ken Summers said...

Rex was an interesting man, from the history I've researched. While we don't know for sure the nature of his relationship with Glenninger, his will speaks volumes. I mentioned the story and history in my last book. Yet another odd historical mystery...