Monday, February 14, 2011

History and Mysteries of Lebanon, Pennsylvania

In the upcoming Outta the Way travel zine, we'll discover the history and some mysteries in Lebanon county Pennsylvania. We'll take you on a tour through the historic Cornwall furnace where many men and women worked for a better life, but some may still be lingering around in the after-life.

Next we'll take a look to see if dinosaurs ever roamed through the central Pennsylvania area, and if so where can you find some hidden fossils. Than we'll visit a Jurrasic rock formation that was formed long before the dinosaurs, but shares a striking resemblance to one.

Lastly we'll show you two historic inn's where you may bravely spend the night. One of these places has a unique history of a woman still mourning the loss of a broken heart, even a century after her passing. The other historic inn we visit is located in a small town where not all is as it seems, even the spirits that are still active in this bed and breakfast are not exactly what you perceive.

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