Monday, February 28, 2011

Ghost Dogs of Cornwall Funace

The Cornwall furnace in Lebanon county is one of the most storied and historic furnaces in North America. The furnace was originally established in 1742 by Peter Grubb. Peter seemed to be very successful with running the furnace. At one time Pennsylvania made a vast majority of the world's iron, Cornwall being one of it's top producers. But Peter may have had a dark side.
One of the most horrifying tales about Peter surround him and his proud hunting dogs. Mr. Grubb was an avid hunter and a dog enthusiast. He was also known to work his dogs to extreme measures, in order to be sure they were the best. One particular day Peter was bragging to his friend about his canines amazing hunting skills. However on this day the dogs wouldn't live up to Peter's expectations. According to legend, Peter's friend began to jokingly insult the exhausted pups, which began to enrage Peter. But what he proceeded to do would shock and horrify the locals. Peter gathered some of the furnace workers and had them help in exterminating the defenseless dogs. Peter rounded up the dogs and began to burn them alive in the fiery hot furnace, saving his most prized pooch for last. Peter Grubb was said to be forever haunted by the terrible deed he had done, he would often hear phantom barks and felt otherworldly eyes often watching him. Seems the dogs wanted to remain a constant reminder to Peter for the heinous acts he committed.

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