Thursday, April 21, 2011

Abandoned Route 61 in Centralia

The Route 61 highway traverses travelers approximately 81 miles north and southbound through the commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Though there's a small stretch of this road that hasn't been used for travel in over 15 years. Though it's still a hot spot... literally! In 1994 the department of transportation rerouted a mile long stretch of this road after being severely damaged by the underground mine fire in nearby Centralia.

Today the road is a popular destination for urban explorers and apparently aspiring graffiti artists,though I wouldn't call much of it art. The road has an extremely haunting appeal to it, I personally kept feeling as though someone was following behind me. Walking down this lost highway gives you a very eerie feeling, not sure if it's from the noxious fumes emanating from below the asphalt, or the buckling of the highway but I kept getting the feeling of vertigo. Seeing the man-made destruction that's taking place here is a sight to behold, both from the obscene graffiti, to the mammoth coal industry that helped to build a town and also destroy it!

Zine featuring Centralia & other nearby Outta the Way places.

Video of Route 61

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Anna said...

Centralia is amazing. I have been there a few times with my husband. As much as I love paranormal experiences (or at least -possible- paranormal experiences) I didn't experience anything unusual in Centralia. The only thing I experienced that was less than awesome was the fear that a cop would come harass us for exploring. =) Anyway, nice blog!